Spectra – WordPress Music & Events Theme

Spectra – WordPress Music & Events Theme Created by rascals. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Spectra has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Widget Ready: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Compatible With: WooCommerce 2.6.x, Visual Composer, Software Version: WordPress 4.6.1, Columns: 4+ .

You can use this Spectra – WordPress Music & Events Theme on WordPress category for ajax, artist, band, best, dj, event, festival, music, music band, musician, responsive, singer, theme, visual composer, wordpress and another uses.

Spectra - WordPress Music & Events Theme
© Copyright by rascals

Main Features:

  • Files included: Layered PNG, PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Layout: Responsive
  • Software version: WordPress 4.6.1
  • Compatible with: WooCommerce 2.6.x, Visual Composer
  • Compatible browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Framework: None
  • High resolution: Yes
  • Widget ready: Yes
  • Columns: 4+

SPECTRA – a great way to present your work at the highest level. It’s a music and events theme, made using AJAX (continuous playback during page browsing) suitable for DJ’s, producers or individuals portfolio. The new, top-notch, SCAMP music player with soundcloud API support is included!SPECTRA uses Visual Composer (amazingly flexible), DISQUS comments, MailChimp newsletter, Contact Form 7 and the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies

Core Features

Music Player features:

  • New intuitive layout. Experience layout which is always handy to use – No matter if it’s displayed on PC, tablet or mobile phone.
  • SoundCloud API support (more can come if there will be a high user request). You can add tracks to playlist directly from SoundCloud as simple as they would load from local resources.
  • Dynamic Playlist… You can add special links via HTML which will be able to dynamically load additional content to player playlist, of course without any break in music playing.
  • Playlist that is able to load even hundreds of tracks. Only limit for the Scamp Player playlist size is the speed of browsing machine (client side) – for example reasonable limit on mobile devices like SGS2 is around 50 items. Modern PC’s can handle even 150 of tracks loaded. Everything may depend on the limit which you can personally adjust.
  • Covers for tracks. Every track in playlist can have its own cover image.
  • Responsive layout and compatibility. If we speak about mobile devices, there is no worry that Scamp Player won’t work or display properly on any popular device used today.

Complete list of features.

  • Create unlimited “One Page” via Visual Composer
  • One click demo import.
  • Music player, with playlist. Easily add self hosted MP3, hosted MP3, Soundcloud tracks, playlist, favorite tracks etc, with autoplay (optional)
  • Visual Composer for WordPress ($25 value) – Visual Composer for WordPress will save you tons of time working on the site content. Now you’ll be able to create complex layouts within minutes!
  • Custom Post Formats – SPECTRA supports following custom blog post formats: Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio
  • With our Event Manager you can set repetitive and multi-day events. You can use counter which will countdown time to next event. In events archive they will be automatically switched from future to past after they will occour. Localization of every single event can be shown by Google Maps integration.
  • Background Generator – Simple way to create a different background header for each page, post…etc.
  • Slide Panel – SPECTRA comes with a slide widget area. There is an invisible scroller implemented. Also, it is automatically closing itself after page loaded.
  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • Integrated comments from DISQUS. You can turn them off in admin panel.
  • MailChimp List SignUp Integration
  • Responsive Layout.
  • 5 Custom posts types:
    • Portfolio (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Events.
    • Slider (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Tracks Manager (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Gallery
  • 3 Custom widgets:
    • Tracks – Displays tracks (single track, tracklist or tracks grid).
    • Twitter – Displays latest tweets.
    • Events – Displays events.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Managing layout has never been so easy: just choose and use!
  • XML demo content for fast setup.
  • Custom style shortcodes with Shortcodes Manager.
  • Unlimited sidebars.
  • Full localization – template and administrative interface. You can easily translate them to your own language.
  • Gorgeous jQuery enhancements.
  • Unlimited blog pages.
  • Powerful administration panel.
  • HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Wide pages and posts.
  • Cross browser compatible – Our main goal was to create a template layout which is highly compatible with almost all of the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc. Cross browser compatibility and W3C validation of our themes are crucial in the successful running of the website.
  • Clean, well-commented, and organized code and files.


The images included in preview are for demonstration purposes only. In case that you import dummy data, you will have placeholders instead of images.

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==> v1.5.3 (Plugin v1.3.1) - Sep 14, 2016* Updated: Visual Composer ver. 14.12.1* Updated: Child theme.* Fixed: Shop page sidebar (display issue).* Fixed: Small bugs.==> v1.5.2 (Plugin v1.3.0) - Aug 26, 2016* Fixed: Child theme (new file structure).==> v1.5.1 (Plugin v1.3.0) - Aug 12, 2016* Fixed: Google Maps API Key.* Fixed: Woocommerce detect function.==> v1.5.0 (Plugin v1.3.0) - Aug 11, 2016* Added: Woocommerce support.* Added: Custom permalinks settings in Theme Options > Sections > Permalinks* Fixed: Small Bugs.* Fixed: Google Maps API Key. (Theme Options > General Settings > Google Maps API Key)* Updated: Scamp Player (music player) added support for storage session.* Updated: WP Ajax loader. Ajax loader option, now is located in Advanced Settings > AJAX==> v1.4.5 (Plugin v1.2.4) - Apr 09, 2016* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.12==> v1.4.4 (Plugin v1.2.4) - Jun 01, 2016* Updated: Compatible with php 7.* Fixed: Small bugs.==> v1.4.3 (Plugin v1.2.3) - Apr 22, 2016* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.11.2==> v1.4.2 (Plugin v1.2.2) - Apr 02, 2016* Fixed: Google maps API* Fixed: Visual Composer parallax effect. Go to Theme Options > Advanced > Clear 'AJAX Reload Scripts' field and save settings. New settings will be saved.* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.11.1==> v1.4.1 (Plugin v1.2.1) - Feb 08, 2015* Fixed: Betaboxes Class* Fixed: Panel Class* Fixed: Waypoints animations.* Fixed: Image placeholder size on touch devices in Youtube intro sections.* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.9.2==> v1.4.0 (Plugin v1.2.0) - Dec 23, 2015* Added: Compatibility with new Visual Composer ROW features (Video background, new parallax function, ).* Added: Download button to player. Now user can choose between. 'Cart/Shop' and 'Download' button in track options (Free download > Yes).* Added: One click import.* Added: WhatsApp social icon to footer section.* Added: Compatibility with new VC tabs, accordion, tour.* Updated: Theme documentation.* Fixed: Posts carousel multinstance bug.* Fixed: Single Track VC module.* Fixed: Grid images after page load (Safari under Mac).* Updated: Theme compatibility with WP 4.4.* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.9.0==> v1.3.0 (Plugin v1.1.9) - Oct 22, 2015* Added: Event time in Theme Settings > General Settings.* Added: Load First Track in Theme Settings > Tracks.* Fixed: Video lightbox on portfolio page.==> v1.2.9 - Oct 05, 2015* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.7.4==> v1.2.8 - Aug 19, 2015* Fixed: Small Bugs.* Fixed: Portfolio, Events modules.* Fixed: Default value in dropdown form (Visual Composer).==> v1.2.7 - Jul 30, 2015* Added: VK social icon to footer section.* Added: Youtube intro image placeholder on touch devices.* Added: Select default page/post layout in theme options (general settings).* Fixed: Slider subtitle.* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.6.2==> v1.2.6 - Jun 17, 2015* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.5.3 (SECURITY UPDATE).==> v1.2.5 - Jun 15, 2015* Added: Share options (description, title...) on pages/posts/custom posts. * Fixed: Small Bugs.* Fixed: Nested shortcodes VC modules (Details list, Buttons).==> v1.2.4 - Jun 02, 2015* Added: Share options on pages/posts/custom posts. * Fixed: Small Bugs.* Updated: Google Map styles.* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.5.2.==> v1.2.2 - Apr 22, 2015* Fixed: Autor name in author results page.* Fixed: Duplicate track artist in player.* Fixed: Slidebar submit event.* Replaced: 'spectra_plugin' name on 'rascals_spectra_plugin'.* Updated: TGM Plugin Activation class v. 2.4.1.==> v1.2.1 - Mar 31, 2015* Replaced: Fancybox lightbox on Magnific Popup.* Fixed: Gallery album description.* Fixed: Icon/fonts paths.* Fixed: Image thumbnail in single post.* Fixed: Events counter.* Fixed: Events dates.==> v1.2.0 - Mar 25, 2015* Added: New framework - Muttley Framewrok.* Added: New admin panel - Muttley Panel.* Added: New metabox - Muttley Box.* Fixed: Gallery album description.* Fixed: Favicon display bug.* Updated: Scamp Player.* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.4.3==> v1.1.5 - Mar 12, 2015* Added: Posts Carousel module for Visual Composer.* Added: Posts Grid module for Visual Composer.* Added: Tracks Carousel module for Visual Composer.* Added: Button to intro slider.* Fixed: Scamp Player 2.0. small bugs.* Fixed: Small CSS Bugs.* Fixed: Events Counter.==> v1.1.0 - Mar 09, 2015* Added: Gallery custom posts, gallery template.* Added: Google Analytics Code (Theme Options > General Settings > Google Analytics).* Added: Custom Event ID to Event Countdown VC module and shortcode.* Updated: Scamp Player 2.0. New design, core. Added Artist Link+Target, Release Link+Target, Cart(Shop) Link+Target.* Fixed: Small CSS Bugs.* Fixed: Added 'allowfullscreen' to Youtube and Vimeo embed code in blog section.==> v1.0.3 - Mar 03, 2015* Fixed: Display excerpt on blog grid page.* Fixed: Iscroll JS error.* Fixed: Small CSS bugs.* Fixed: Scamp Player* Removed: Grid Elements from VC. Causes global conflicts and are not compatible with Spectra ajax. Cause a significant decrease in theme performance.==> v1.0.2 - Feb 19, 2015* Added: Custom badge in portfolio custom post.* Added: ON/OFF Switch to the smoothscroll plugin, Theme Settings > General Settings > Smoothscroll. * Fixed: Small CSS bugs.* Improved: Music player. Added loading class.* Improved: Blog layout on touch devices (Special thanks to Denis Semenov)==> v1.0.1 - Feb 11, 2015* Fixed: Recent posts module. Display bug on Firefox.* Fixed: Carousel Slider. Display bug on Firefox* Fixed: Translations admin panel and plugin.* Updated: Soundmanager 2 libary V2.97a.20140901.* Updated: Visual Composer ver 4.4.2 ==> v1.0.0 - * Initial release