Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies

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Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies
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Profi Search Form – A Search Filter for WordPress

Fully customizable | Include as widget or shortcode | Fulltextsearch with Highlighting | Filter by Custom Fields | Filter by Taxonomies | Filter any Post type you want | Conditional Fields | Range Slider | Map search

You want to provide a detail search for your WordPress Blog? Or you want that your customers have a better expierience searching the product they need? Sure, the WordPress search is fine, but wouldn?t it be better to have a search filter, which could perform something like this:

My child is seven years old and I want to buy him a gift for around 15 $?

What about a Range-Slider, where you can say, the product is supposed for users around this age, what about a priceslider and what about a selectbox, where you can select all products which are good as a gift? Profi Search Form enables you to do so.
It includes:

  • a Fulltext Search with the options to highlight the matches
  • you can decide, which texts are searched
  • a Range Search for numeric values like prices, squaremeters etc.
  • Input fields, for min/max/equal or like searches. With such a field you can for example realize a search “I am searching an apartment with min. 150 squaremeters”
  • An Area Search realized with Google Maps. Your customer can choose an area on Google Maps and he gets only results (for example apartments) out of this area!
  • Select-, Radio-, and Checkboxes!
  • An Order-By-Box, where you can define, by which values your visitor can order the search results!
  • Or decide yourself, how the results will be ordered
  • Conditional Fields. Show certain fields only, if a specific value is chosen.
  • Hidden Fields, to restrict filter results to specific categories or any other taxonomy and custom field!
  • Search button optional. You can use a search-button but you don’t have to. If you don’t use it, the filter will be activated after each new selection.
  • Reset button

How does it work?

You probably use already Custom Taxonomies like Categories or Tags. You probably use already Postmeta informations like price, squaremeters, latitude, longitude, persons, age or whatsoever.
But: You still have no search or filter, which can use these informations! Profi Search Form can! In very simple steps you can create a search & filter form. Via Shortcode you can include this form in your page. So you just create a ?Detail Page? and enter the shortcode. You can also use a widget to present the search filter in your sidebars!

Your customer can then search with this filter. The search is completly realised with Ajax. So the results will be shown automatically without leaving or reloading the website. But, although it is run by ajax, the Back- and Forward-Buttons are working, like you expect them to do. So, if you visitor visits a search result, he can simply click ?Back? to come back to his search results!

The search result items are customizable due to our special template engine.
So you can decide, which information will be shown. So, when your visitor can search lowest prices or highest rating, doesn?t it make sense, also to show this ratings or prices in the resultlist? It does and so you can! Every Postmeta-Value or Taxonomie-Value you are using for your search form can also be displayed in your search result list!

What our users say:

Filter Custom Fields & Taxonomies is a five star rated plugin. See some of our users reviews here:


Version 1.77minor bugfixes & updatesfulltext non strict modeVersion 1.76minor bugfixessecurity enhancementsVersion 1.75minor bugfixesVersion 1.74Attention before you update: Remove your order-by-field and create a new one in the updated version! If you run into problems have a look here: Javascript Events for loaded list to hook in: 'sfLoadEvent'2. Define input placeholder yourself3. Switch Widget form method from POST to GET4. More WP action hooks5. Turned the filter 'sf-before-form', 'sf-after-form', 'sf-after-result-head', 'sf-after-results', 'sf-after-navigation' to actions6. Bugfixes in order-by field7. Deprecated like_escape replaced with $wpdb->esc_like8. small bugfixesVersion 1.731. new formfield - hierarchical taxonomies2. date-select - day/year/month-selectbox3. bugfix Show only postmeta keys & values of published posts4. fulltext search improved, up to 2500% fast search!5. acf-checkboxes and types-checkboxes included6. css of range slider improved7. No use of mysql-functions anymore8. some minor fixesVersion 1.721. replaced pagination links with <span> to avoid dead links for bots2. better editing of existing search filters by using tabs now3. usage of the apostroph4. search authors5. search posts published/modified after/before/in between a date6. Checkboxes: New operators for terms and the option not to search in child_terms7. Custom CSS8. Import & Export Searchforms9. SQL_BIG_SELECTS enabled for huge search filterVersion 1.71. hierarchical selectboxes for taxonomies2. fulltext search also for custom fields3. define steps for each range (e.g. 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 or 1, 2, 3, or 5, 10, 15 ... )4. enable/disable resulthead5. select default order by6. decide how many results per page7. added new classes for left and right arrows of result navigation8. widget/shortcode combination9. minor bugfixesVersion 1.61. added search/reset-buttons2. improved select-searches for taxonomies3. improved css column mechanism4. autoload - rangeslider bugfix in widget5. extended shortcode (showall = all results are shown from the beginning)6. improved maps7. backend ux improved (dialogbox open automatically after chosing a form element)Version 1.5Range Slider now also for taxonomiesEdit options after saving themRearrange filter elementsDelete filterRename filterFully translateableGerman .mo-fileVersion 1.4Multiside supportBugfix in Radiobutton filterVersion 1.3New Feature: Hidden Fields - restrict searches to a given category (or any other Taxonomy/Custom Field)Improved Taxonomy SearchVersion 1Improved Google MapsAdded conditional fields for 'if A selected show field 2' Improved some Javascript routinesWidget functionality addedVersion 0.3First release</span>


Can you give me an example?
Of course!

That sound complicated, how do I configure such a search?
It’s easy. We have a video tutorial, which explains you, how this works: How To Create A Detailsearch in WordPress with Profi Search Form

OK, but still, can’t I test it myself?
Sure you can. There is a Demo version, which you can download and test whether this plugin fits your needs. You can download the demo here.

You want more information? Click WordPress Search Filter