Perfect Splash Screen Windows

Perfect Splash Screen Windows Created by MateuszManaj. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: or if you want to add some super antialiased .

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Perfect Splash Screen Windows
© Copyright by MateuszManaj

Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: None
  • Software version: .NET 4.0
  • High resolution: No
  • Compatible browsers: None
  • Files included: C# CS, Layered PNG

Splash Screen Window maker with simple splash generator written for Windows Forms.

What this software can do ?

This software makes your live easier with perfectly presented splash screen only with PNG file.If you thinking about how Adobe makes Photoshop’s splash screen or you are tired for searching good way to create your own splash screen with superb transparency effect and text – this component perfectly fits to you!

When/why would I use this ?

  • If you want to add super-looksplash screen into your APP
  • For creating your own forms in C# and perfect transparent effect
  • If you want to build an APP showing keyboard activity in effective way

What else ?

Also, you are able to add multiple textarea’s with superb antialiasing effect achieved by C# and native WinAPI code. Every textarea is perfectly antialiased and transparent!SplashScreen has options for dragging your splash form and for setting transparency level from 0% to 100%

What are the advantages ?

  • Very high performance
  • Simple to use and distribute
  • Sample APP dedicated for creating SplashScreen demos – live testing tool
  • Support

What do you get in this package ?

  • Full source code of SplashScreen
  • Full source code of Live testing tool called Splash Screen Generator
  • Very well documented code
  • Project files with Visual Studio 2010
  • Compiled DLL file
  • DLL’s with PDB files – Project debug files
  • Xml comments (Intellisense)

How to use it in your project ?

In short you need to write 3 lines of code!

var splash = new SplashScreenWindow();splash.SetBitmap(new Bitmap(Image.FromFile(@'C:UsersMateuszManajPicturess2_512x512.png')));splash.Show();

or if you want to add some super antialiased text

var splash = new SplashScreenWindow();splash.SetBitmap(new Bitmap(Image.FromFile(@'C:UsersMateuszManajPicturess2_512x512.png')));// Add new method SetTextsplash.SetText('Lorem lipsum sit dolor',        new Font('Georgia', 25f, FontStyle.Italic | FontStyle.Bold),        new SolidBrushColor.Red),        new Point(50, 60));splash.Show();

That’s it, happy coding!