.Net Flat Calendar (with Source Code)

.Net Flat Calendar (with Source Code) Created by OmarNegm. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: What is .NET Flat .

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.Net Flat Calendar (with Source Code)
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Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: 1366×768
  • Software version: .NET 4.5
  • High resolution: Yes
  • Compatible browsers: None
  • Files included: C# CS

What is .NET Flat Calendar?

.NET Flat Calendar is one of the best calendar user tools that make you able to process & browse different views for the date, year, month & days in a very flexible way with modern UI. This tool provides the best solution & UI in order to use it inside your .NET Framework software by giving your user the ability to browse/select date values in an easy & fast way.

What is the type of this tool?

.NET Flat Calendar is a User Control working under .NET Windows Forms Application that found inside Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET made using C# .NET.

How it works?

.NET Flat Calendar is not like any other calendar tools. Because it depends on a strong & logical algorithms that calculating the dates without any limitations. Regardless of the loops & system resources that load on your computer processor on a side and decreasing the performance on the other side. More over this tool instantiate its objects & writing value at the run time that’s will provide a more flexible and full control within the UI drawing process and also gives you the ability to control everything in order to let you design it as you like with a many features you will found it below.

.Net Flat Calendar features:-

-Auto resizing & scale.

-Font Styling.

-Supports two languages English-Arabic.

-Days, Months, Years switching.

-7 Overloading constructors.

-Two view styles Ellipse, Box.

-Left-Right move effects.

-Background Color.

-Previous-Next-Current Forecolor.


-Events (Date Change, Moving, Switching…).