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You can use this HardwareLib on Net category for BIOS, cd rom, computer hardware, cpu, device manufacturer, device serial number, drive, GPU, hard drive, hardware, Network Adapter and another uses.

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Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: None
  • Software version: .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, .NET 3.7, .NET 4.0
  • Files included: C# CS
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HardwareLib is a .NET Library that offers a set of functions to get information about your hardware such as motherboard, CPU , RAM ,Graphics Card, Network Adapter, CD/DVD Drives and Hard Drives… You can get device details (manufacturer, model, serial number, Name…. etc) HardwareLib use WMI to obtain informations about installed Devices please see the screenshot

How to use

CPU Class HardWareInfo.Cpu cpu = new Cpu(Cpu.CpusList0);


HDD Class

To get more information about partitions you should use LogicalDisk class

       foreach (string str in Hdd.DrivesList)            {                hdd.setDeviceID(str);                comboBox1.Items.Add(hdd.Caption);            }            foreach (string str in LogicalDisk.LogicalDiskList)         {            LD.setDeviceID(str)                        comboBox2.Items.Add(hdd.Caption);                  }

Update 27/04/2012:

  • Bug Fix
  • Added Demo for GPU

Update 6/03/2011:

  • Added IsProcessorFeaturePresent Function
  • Added IsMMXSupported Function
  • Added Is3DNowSupported Function
  • Added IsSSE3Supported Function
  • Added IsSSE2Supported function
  • Added IsSSESupported function