jQuery Flickr Gallery

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jQuery Flickr Gallery
© Copyright by Tekanewa

Main Features:

  • Video preview resolution: 700×425
  • Software version: jQuery
  • High resolution: No
  • Compatible browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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The jQuery Flickr Gallery script allows you to show all your Flickr albums (images) on your website. Please note that this script will only work with albums that are set to public and visible. This script is a pure javascript/jQuery solution and does not require a PHP server.

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  • 160+ different settings to enable or disable included features
  • Either pull all albums (but exclude the ones you don’t want), predefine the albums you want to be shown or show one single album directly
  • Pagination Feature (smart pagination, set number of thumbnails per page, set number of pages or no pagination)
  • LazyLoad Feature for thumbnails (will only load images when thumbnails are in view)
  • Social share feature for Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Includes a tool-tip plugin (qTip2) with several design options; although it is possible to use your own tool-tip solution
  • Includes three optional lightbox plugins (fancyBox, colorBox and prettyPhoto); although it is possible to user other lightbox solutions
  • Exclude individual images from being shown
  • Automatically include or exclude the Profile album and so called “Buzz” albums
  • Possible to translate it into any other language by using provided setting parameters
  • Select between a responsive (fluid width) or static layout (fixed width)
  • Optional two-directional (asc. / desc.) album sorting feature (name / number of images / date album created / date album last updated)
  • Smart filter option to filter albums and photos by age groups
  • Search Feature to search for albums by keywords
  • Set initial sorting direction and sorting criteria
  • Can be embedded via iFrame with automatic height adjustment for iFrame; all lightboxes will open full-screen in parent document (still requires all files to be on the same domain)
  • Option for floating control bar that follows the user while scrolling through the album selection
  • Option to show dates in “from now” format (i.e. “2 days ago”) instead of standard date format
  • Optional logs (in console) for better debugging (i.e. number of albums or photes retrieved, error codes, etc.)
  • No need for PHP unless internal image scaler is utilized; an external (web based) image scaling service is utilized by default

Code Generator

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Before Purchase

This script requires you to load additional JS and CSS files for your website, as well as adding some custom HTML and JavaScript lines to your page code. While the JS and CSS files can be hosted outside of your website, the JavaScript lines that are necessary to initialize the gallery and the HTML line which defines where in your page the gallery will be shown must be part of your website. Please ensure that your hosting service and/or WebDesign service allows you to do so. Some online webdesign services are very restrictive with the kind of external content you are allowed to add to your website, so please check with your service provider before buying.



06/30/2015 - Update
  • prettyPhoto XSS fix
  • Added new limited (automatic) mobile layout
  • Added PhotoBox as 4th lightbox option
  • Switched from image icons to font icons
  • Switched from qTip2 script to ToolTipster script for tooltips
  • Added option to either use Isotope v1.x or v2.x with gallery
  • Removed Timthumb Image Scaler
  • Added default CSS3 image scaling
  • Updated Code Generator to match new setting options
  • Other CSS improvements
03/06/2015 - Update
  • Adjusted script to account for changes in Flickr API
05/08/2014 - Update
  • Changes JSON Feed URLs to “https” to account for changes in Flickr API
  • Added options to define date formats
10/02/2013 - Update
  • Fixed error in minified/compressed script version
  • Added links to code generator to index.html in package
09/11/2013 - Update
  • Released Code Generator to automatically build required HTML and JS Code to load and initialize the gallery
08/24/2013 - Update
  • Added option to toggle Album Information Section and show or hide Section as default
  • Added 2nd Cloud based Image Scaling Service to create Thumbnails
  • Added option to disable Automatic iFrame Detection and Height Adjustment if gallery is embedded with cross-domain iFrames (not recommended to embed this way, but sometimes there are no alternatives)
  • Added option to assign custom Class Name to all items that can be opened via Lightbox (in case you want to use a different Lightbox solution than the ones included; can be used to target these Classes specifically)
  • Added option to assign custom Class Name to all items that include Tooltip Content (in case you want to use a different Tooltip solution than the one included; can be used to target these Classes specifically)
  • Fixed occasional error where Smart Pagination doesn’t correctly calculate Numer of Items per Page
  • Other minor JS and CSS improvements
  • Updated internal 3rd Party Extension to newest versions
  • Updated Link to new Manual
07/26/2013 - Initial Release