Elegantem Created by TinyGiantStudios. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Elegantem is a Tumblr theme that beautifully merges design and function. Emphasizing your latest entry, this theme has a customisable layout and even supports popular social media .

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Main Features:

  • Files included: Layered PSD, HTML Files
  • Software version: None
  • Layout: None
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Compatible with: None
  • Compatible browsers: IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • High resolution: No
  • Widget ready: No
  • Columns: None

Elegantem is a Tumblr theme that beautifully merges design and function. Emphasizing your latest entry, this theme has a customisable layout and even supports popular social media services.

Packaged with this theme is a detailed instructions manual, an extra sliced Photoshop file that didn’t make the final cut (it’s a freebie) and also some free icons you can play around with.


  • Supports all post types
  • Allows layout flexibility (i.e. right- or left-handed sidebar)
  • Toggle various sections (i.e. twitter / followers / navigation) on or off
  • Ability to use special Google fonts or standard computer fonts
  • Ability to customise various colours
  • Social Media integration
  • Disqus commenting system enabled
  • Allows user to sort posts according to type
  • jQuery / CSS3 powered
  • Supports Google Analytics track
  • Twitter enabled to show your latest tweets

Full List of Options

Here’s a full list of all the available options in the Elegantem theme

  • color | Tumblr Title
  • color | Headings and Links
  • color | Nav Bar Links
  • color | Link Hover”
  • color | Text
  • color | Image Border”
  • color | Meta Links”
  • Select | Use Special Fonts
  • Font | Headings
  • Font | Body Text
  • Select | Use Righthand Sidebar
  • Select | Show Profile Photo
  • Select | Show Sidebar Navigation
  • Select | Use Expandable Sidebar
  • Select | Show Random Post
  • Select | Show RSS Link
  • Select | Show Archive Link
  • Select | Show Followers
  • Select | Show Sort Posts
  • Select | Show Latest Tweets
  • Select | Show Search Bar
  • Select | Show Social Media
  • Select | Show Flickr Photos
  • Select | Show Post Type Icons
  • Select | Show Credit
  • Text Input | Disqus Shortname
  • Text Input | Facebook Username
  • Text Input | Flickr ID
  • Text Input | StumbleUpon Username
  • Text Input | Vimeo ID
  • Text Input | Youtube Channel Name
  • Text Input | LastFM Username
  • Text Input | Google Analytics UA ID


// 24.02.2011 – Version 1.2

  • Incorporated support for lastfm
  • Deprecated tumblr social media icon
  • Added option for fixed sidebar
  • Fixed StumbleUpon Link with Username
  • Fixed IE Font load errors
  • Fixed IE Font display errors – now looks smoother

// 06.01.2011 – Version 1.1

  • Completely redesigned the tiled background image – now much lighter with subtle floral pattern
  • Completely redesigned the “entry box” for each post entry – now a solid colour
  • Adjusted overall padding / margin on all elements
  • Fixed jQuery for More/Less button on sidebar
  • Changed Nav / Sort Post font to that of the body font
  • Swapped positions of Latest Tweets and Social Media
  • Added support for coloured / monotone social media icons
  • Fixed margin issue for social media icons
  • Deprecated “Show Following” section
  • Added support for 2 more Flickr Images
  • Added bottom “More/Less” button
  • Fixed jQuery JSON error on “Sort Posts” section
  • Added support for notes/tags toggle
  • Fixed list/blockquote display in post description
  • Fixed hover states on some link elements
  • Adjusted font size of footer elements
  • Fixed Google Font API display error when disabled
  • Completely redesigned the “Notes” area on the single post entry page
  • Fixed Disqus menu display error – used incorrect fonts
  • Added support to toggle a left- or right-handed sidebar
  • Adjusted line-height / borders for each twitter entry
  • Redesigned Nav Bar & Sort Posts dividing border

// 20.12.2010 – Theme Release